Thursday, December 13, 2007

Seasons Sneezings

Ian started something, even though he probably feels incapable of starting ANYTHING at the mo (Big hug, mate!) by describing his lack of energy as FOOEY (Fatigued order of ordinarily energetic youth workers) and so recruiting many to his cause. He catches me in just the right week for it as I've been struck down with lurgy including a fascinatingly variable voice (a la Kevin and Perry style) ranging from lower than our ex RAF bandsman curate's voice to helium powered squeakery. Of course I've been struck down by this partly due to overworking last week. I'm not very good at listening to it but my body was telling me to rest sometime around Friday morning but I didn't stop until Sunday and have been paying the price since. I'm feeling much better now but still taking it easy while I still can!

So how do we get better when we're struck down with fooey? (Hong Kong strain or otherwise!) Well I think there are two paths: fun and feeding. We need to take ourselves out of ourselves either by having fun or by comfort from without. So here's a bit of the REAL Hong Kong Fooey and also, in contrast, some wisdom from Br Roger of Taizé. Whichever is the better medicine for you. The Dr recommends you take this, sit down with your feet up and drink plenty of fluids.

"The Holy Spirit, poured out on every human being, gives freedom and spontaneity. The Spirit restores a zest for life to those who had lost it, and comes to deliver us from discouragement. Neither doubts nor the impression that God is silent can take his Holy Spirit away from us."
Update: Taking a lead from Ben, my feet up time before heading to our joint CUs meeting after school today is Muppet Christmas Carol - a must for me in the Christmas season (though guarenteed to having my husband beating a retreat to a room filled with Radio 4!). Just for you I'll see if I can find a bit on youtube!

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