Thursday, August 30, 2007

Not entirely unoccupied...

I realised a week of non-blogging has gone by again. I've been living up to my name and been usefully employed with some brushes as well as doing some book reviews, writing some of the book Phil and I are working and proof-reading the first of my best beloved's recently completed trilogy.

Evidence of some of this can be found in the ART folder on my flickr site.

Today I've been very much occupied tidying my office. I have managed to ecavate the filing cabinet but only tackled some of that magnus opus so far. I have discovered two hooks on the wall that I had never seen before but I've really no idea what my predecessor used them for as there's very little space below them and, as they're in an alcove, would be pointless as a place to hang pictures. Well after today the office has gone down on the Hamilton scale as the carpet is now not only VISIBLE in large areas but also CLEAN! The bookshelf is also tidied AND organised into sections. The office now pretty much contains only those things it should contain. So tomorrow I'll be moving them all back into the places they should be and clearing the desks!!

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