Sunday, December 10, 2006

Reluctant blogs

Having switched over to the new blogger, I now can't access those blogs which haven't switched which includes reluctant souls. Anybody still on the old beta who's a member will need to do it. It'll involve something slightly complicated as it relies on the person who created the blog to sort it and Ben M left a while ago but it doesn't seem to understand that!

Ok so that's the first glitch of the new system!


simo said...

I thought I had warned you about that with my comment about leaving reluctant souls in order to upgrade, how did you manage it while still being a member of a community blog? Or why didn’t you upgrade it with the other as you obviously had the option assuming you did feminym? Other than that welcome to the new blogger!

Sarah Brush said...

It let's you do it when you're part of a community blog - it just won't update community blogs you HAVEN'T founded. Miz established Reluctant Souls so I don't have any controls!

I didn't spot your comment until after I'd switched as the email notifying me goes to an old account! oops! - hence it not being on there.