Saturday, July 29, 2006

Ducks of Hazard??!!

Great querky programme on Radio 4 today about the thousands of plastic ducks that made a bid for freedom from a ship in the north Pacific and have been travelling the high seas since 1992. Apparently these intrepid little ducks have been changing views on sea currents and the object of the study of many oceanographers. They are now travelling across the Atlantic and heading towards Cornwall! Finding one of these ducks can get you $100 reward. Brilliantly apparently some of the ducks got stuck in the arctic where there are formations known as "pancakes" and they would have been frozen for three or four months. Only radio 4 could do a programme in which they recreated the episode and DESCRIBE the movement of 48 duck re-enactors. You really do have to listen to this rather surreal affair!

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