Friday, July 13, 2007

On the front line

According to Ian, this is what the new bishop of Oxford has said:

[Youth Ministry] “This is absolutely frontline mission with an agegroup that has never been so alienated from the Christian Church. It’s not that they’re against the Church; it’s just that they know almost nothing about it.
Anyone in our churches involved in youth work needs special thanks, regular encouragement and an occasional bottle of whiskey

if only it were so - my whiskey stores say otherwise!


Anonymous said...

Hey - didn't Bishop John bring your bottle when he came along for his visitation a couple of weeks ago?

simo said...

I have that very letter in front of me, I haven't met the new bishop yet but I like him!

Roy said...

may be the occasional has stuck in the minds of the readership.....they are just looking for the occasion!! ;-)