Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Give and Take

We wanted to use a splendid song by John Bell for a service at All Saints' but it was one of those pieces which is designed for singing several times and they never seem to work very well so instead of singing the same verse a few times, I penned a few extra verses.

So for all those people I have yet again failed to send a card or anything... Merry Christmas!

Take, O take me as I am.
Summon out what I shall be;
set your seal upon my heart
and live in me.

Call, O call me as I am.
Show the way that I should go.
Be the light upon my path
and lead me through.

Meet, O meet me where I am.
See me in your light of love.
Show me all that holds me back
and set me free.

Hear, O hear us as we call.
Search us out and know our hearts.
Help us shine out in the dark
and show your light.

John Bell (with additional verses 2-4 by Sarah Brush)

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