Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Greenbelt does seem to be the place for bloggers. Unfortunately the sessions were not too wel connected and there were, confusingly two panels on it!

I was pleased to go to the blogging panel (picture forthcoming) featuring Dave Walker. He was there doing an excellent job of trying not to be a celebrity. His humility about it all really is awesome. Well done!

At the blogging panel somebody asked "Aren't all bloggers esentially arrogant?"

Quick answer: Yes. Aren't all PEOPLE essentially arrogant? Certainly all writers must be at least a little.

Much deeper insights into blogging however from Andrew Jones at the Spirituality of blogging seminar. Ian has made reference to a great blog introduction but the highlight of a session for me was the encapsulation of what I feel blogging is for and why we do it. Andrew said some great things which I will type up more fully anon but the bit that really fired me was fantastically something he cited from Athanasius (a 4th century writer I had to read when I was at uni!)

"Let us each one note and write down our actions and the impulses of our soul as though we were going to relate them to each other. And be assured that if we should be utterly ashamed to have them known, we shall abstain from sin and harbour no base thoughts in our mind. For who wishes to be seen while sinning? or who will not rather lie after the commission of a sin, through the wish to escape notice? As then while we are looking at one another, we would not commit carnal sin, so if we record our thoughts as though about to tell them to one another, we shall the more easily keep ourselves free from vile thoughts through shame lest they should be known. Wherefore let that which is written be to us in place of the eyes of our fellow hermits, that blushing as much to write as if we had been caught, we may never think of what is unseemly. Thus fashioning ourselves we shall be able to keep the body in subjection, to please the Lord, and to trample on the devices of the enemy."
That says it all for why I blog and how I decide what to blog. Not only does blogging help me reflect personally and theological but it helps me think about how my own actions might be seen by others. If that is "arrogance" as the person suggested then I hold my hand up to it. I am arrogant.

The other blog highlight was being allowed to infiltrate the wibmeet (by the cunning introduction of some tiffin as a bribe!) and put a few faces to some blogs. Unfortunatley (as well as tiffin, some excellent flapjack and all kinds of nibbles) there was also rather a lot of wine at the wibmeet so my memory is a little bit hazy about every person and their blog. I'm sure Dave will post a full summary of those in attendance!

Greenbelt blogroll as far as I could match people up to blogs as follows:

Amanda, Andrew Jones, Barky, Dave K, Dave W, Ian, Jonny Baker, Kester Brewin, KT, Maggi Dawn, Mark, Neil, Phil, Rach, Richard Passmore, Steve, Tessa,

Didn't get a chance to speak to all of them, unfortunately but it was great to put a face to a blog. Also missed a few I'm sure. Sorry if I met you and I've missed you off the list. Comment and I'll amend it!

I'll try and get some pictures up soon but I need to find the cable to connect the laptop and the camera. Must be here somewhere. Probably under the heap of stuff I've unpacked from the car!

In the meantime, have a look at everyone else's pictures on the Greenbelt site.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic to meet you at the Wibsite meet, glad you enjoyed Greenbelt, best year yet I feel - and I even got a tan!

Anonymous said...

thanks sarah for the link and notes

nice to see you there

Dave Walker said...

Thank you Sarah. The Wibmeet was marvellous - will be posting pics in the next day or two.

As for humility - that's just a facade I think really. Behind the scenes I'm being quite unhumble.

Ray Fleming said...

Thanks for posting a review on this subject. I was certainly a long way away, but I find this subject fascinating.